What is Orienteering?

Orienteering involves navigating on foot around an urban or countryside area. The aim is to find marked checkpoints using a map, compass and initiative. Orienteering is fun and is well suited to those with a competitive spirit. You can orienteer as an individual or in a team.


Orienteering has many different merits.

  • Orienteering is a sport that combines physical and mental abilities.
  • Some participants are very competitive while other enjoy getting outside and walking and thinking.
  • We orienteer in amazing places like forests, open koppies, sand dunes but also on the streets in our suburbs, in our city parks and schools.
  • It is for all ages; our members range from 8 to 80.
  • We do it outdoors in fresh air away from your phone, TV and computer.
  • It keeps the mind active through problem solving.
  • It teaches kids self-reliance.


Companies and Groups

O-Ventures offers fun, stimulating and challenging activities designed specifically for ‘Team Building days’, ‘Away Days’ or just a fun team day out of the office. Our events are fun and combine teamwork, communication, co-operation, trust and initiative.

We tailor our activities to meet your requirements, time constraints and budget and work with you to set up a relevant package suited to your group. We can cater for groups of any size regardless of age, ability or fitness. Our assistants are experienced orienteers.

We offer a range of locations in Gauteng mostly in city parks such as Johannesburg Zoo, Delta Park, Golden Harvest and Emmarentia.


Schools Orienteering

Courses for Children

O-Ventures run orienteering events for classes fitting in a 45-minute period. They comprise a ten-minute overview of orienteering in the classroom and a twenty to thirty-minute orienteering event on the school property. 

Our Outdoor Education programmes help to enrich the lives of young people by giving them new experiences and a real sense of achievement.

Training for Teachers

We offer courses in orienteering that are a combination of class and practical elements. We:

  • Provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence in the basics of map reading and navigation
  • Give LO and Geography teachers practical examples of how they can bring map reading and orienteering alive
  • Show sports teachers the benefit of orienteering for learners especially those who are not interested in mainstream sports
  • Equip- – people with the skills to coach orienteering in line with the SA Orienteering Federation’s developmental goals. We want to introduce more schools to the sport of orienteering.  We wish to make orienteering an enjoyable experience for those taking part.  And we know that increased enjoyment comes with increased skill levels.


We map schools, parks and outdoor centres based on an international standard. We can map your school for free using aerial images as part of the Schools Mapping Project. However, we charge a fee for an accurate map where we need at least one site visit.