Courses for Pupils

O-Ventures gives young people the opportunity to understand maps, make decisions and develop self-reliance. We design our Orienteering activities to be fun and challenging.

We firmly believe that our programmes of Outdoor Education help to enrich the lives of young people by giving them new experiences and a real sense of achievement. Our activities encourage learning outside the classroom and take it into exciting and challenging new environments.

Gauteng Schools League

Orienteering Mosaic

Training for Teachers

The courses aim to:

  • provide teachers with the knowledge, skills & confidence in the basics of map reading & navigation;
  • empower teachers to run weekly training sessions to prepare pupils for schools’ leagues and club events;
  • give LO and Geography teachers practical examples of how they can bring map reading and orienteering alive;
  • show sports teachers the benefit of orienteering for learners taking part in other team sports.

Come along if

  • you are a teacher whose school is taking part in the Gauteng Schools Orienteering League;
  • you are a teacher interested in introducing Orienteering to your school;
  • you are a teacher involved in Life Orientation (LO), Geography or Sports at your school;
  • you are a parent or sports coach wanting to help with orienteering training at school level.

Equipping more people with the skills to coach orienteering is in line with the SAOF’s development goals. We want to introduce more schools to the sport of orienteering.  From experience, we know that increased enjoyment goes hand in hand with increased skill levels. We strive to make orienteering as enjoyable an experience as possible for those taking part.

Pupil workshops

The workshops aim to:

  • bring mapwork to life outside the classroom;
  • provide pupils with the knowledge, skills & confidence in the basics of map reading & navigation.

These workshops are especially relevant to Grade 8 and 9 Geography classes and are thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike. Orienteering events can also be part of Grade 8 orientation as well as inter-house or class competitions. We can either work on the school property or at a suitable nearby venue.

Recent school workshops and events:

After mapping St Andrews, we recently worked with all the Grade 8 and 9 girls to provide them with a map-skills based orienteering programme to reinforce concepts such as scale, distance, compass bearing, representation of map features and contour lines.

Midstream Grade 9 pupils enjoyed introductory orienteering activities and a 60-minute score event at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens.

We used Delta Park as a venue for a team building event for French school rugby teams from all over Africa.

Radford Grade 4 pupils also enjoyed their orienteering experience at Delta Park.

French school Grade 2 pupils were recently introduced to Orienteering and enjoyed completing orienteering courses around the Johannesburg Zoo. Punch cards included questions about the various animals.