What is Orienteering?

Orienteering involves navigating on foot around an urban or countryside area. The aim is to find marked checkpoints using a map, compass and initiative. Orienteering is fun and is well suited to those with a competitive spirit. You can orienteer as an individual or in a team.

Orienteering has many different features.

  • Orienteering is a sport that combines physical and mental abilities.
  • Some participants are very competitive while other enjoy getting outside and walking and thinking.
  • We orienteer in amazing places like forests, open kopies, sand dunes but also on the streets in our suburbs, in our city parks and schools.
  • It is for all ages; our members range from 8 to 80.
  • It is outdoors in fresh air away from your phone, television and computer.
  • It keeps the mind active through problem solving.
  • It teaches kids self-reliance.
  • Orienteering is part of the Olympic movement and is part of the World Games.
  • Top orienteers receive National Protea colours and represent South Africa at the Junior and Senior World Championships.